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Discover the richness of life

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As I turned the timeworn page, it swept over me– An awareness of how precious and short life really is. ⛪️ In a region of fertile vineyards and quaint villages known as Burgenland, my husband, dad, and I shared 16 days in archives and parishes searching the records that kept the history of the births, […]

Regaining Perspective On Life

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Everything we now enjoy began as a hope or wish. 🌹 It nourishes the soul to pause and reflect on the beauty that currently exists in our life. Consider the things you once dreamed about, planned for, and sacrificed to have, that you now enjoy– a relationship, educational accolades, meaningful life experiences, travel, having learned […]

Gratitude for Dreams Fulfilled

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A world of possibilities often looks like a blank canvas. ✨ It takes courage to step out of the soft, comforting hay of our nests, to take flight into the unknown. To chart our own destination. ✨ We may wonder if we were meant for such dreams. Then we remember we were born with wings. […]

Stepping Into the Unknown

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February is the month that sparked love between me and Andy. ✨ 🥣 We made sugar cookies together (and quite the mess of flour and frosting) on Valentine’s Day, went on our first non-date date, I gave him an adventure box, and we kissed each other for the first time. It was a deliciously sweet […]

On To Wild & Beautiful Lands